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Nepal is an enterprising land of ample opportunities and endless potential, and to harness them we need the right environment. Aadhyanta is a Fund Management Company that is working towards building this nurturing ecosystem through a transformative approach to capital mobilization.

Investment Philosophy

Aadhyanta is a Sanskrit word that evokes a sense of wisdom, intellect, fortune, and tenacity. We believe that leveraging strategic expertise has transformative potential. As a fund mobilization platform, we empower entrepreneurs and enterprises with investment intelligence and integrative alliance enabling them to lead innovation.

Our Manifesto

Aadhyanta, in Nepali, also means from beginning to end. We are on a mission to change how capital is mobilized for entrepreneurs and enterprises. We plan to accelerate Nepal’s transition to middle-income status by making investments accessible and engaging enterprises organically, taking risks together, and supporting them in each and every step.

Impact Thesis

We admire entrepreneurs that are indisputably diligent, dedicated, and ingenious in their efforts to make the world a better place to live. We are excited to meet companies and discover solutions and models, at all phases in the business life, that generate disproportionate benefits for excluded or marginalized populations. Together, we can bring transformational changes in terms of accessibility, inclusion, and sustainability.

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