Raktakali Tea Estate Pvt. Ltd.

After nearly two decades of working in the tea industry, Dinesh Kumar Majhi identified a gap in the Nepalese market for high-quality tea products. Thus, this particular realization motivated him to formulate an idea to provide the tea varieties to consumers.

Birat Group

With a vision to revolutionize fish farming in Nepal, the company saw an opportunity to fill the gap in the market for quality fish feed, a scarce commodity in the region. Further, the founders set out to create a holistic system for healthy fish farming, from controlled feed quality to a reliable fish market.

Dibyadrishti Veneration and Agro Concern Pvt. Ltd.

Driven by a deep commitment to support the local economy and harness the power of agriculture, four individuals, Yajna Prasad Acharya, Bishnu Prasad Pokharel, Babita Timilsina and Purnakala Bhattarai formed Dibyadrishti Veneration and Agro Concern to create worship materials deeply connected to the agriculture sector.

Shiva Baba Achar Juice Udhyog

Shiva Baba Achar Juice Udhyog is a Nepalese business based in Arjundhara Municipality, Jhapa. Established in 2009, it was founded by Dina Nath Siwakoti with the goal of eliminating the import of substandard pickles in Nepal. The company produces high-quality pickles, while also providing employment opportunities, especially for women, through training and empowerment.

Agri Center Jhapa Pvt. Ltd.

The idea behind establishing Agri Center was formulated with a clear vision in mind i.e., to boost agricultural production and achieve self-sufficiency in Nepal, reducing the dependency on imports. The enterprise, founded by Chandra Prasad Basnet went to Israel to pursue training in banana farming and, upon his return, he successfully implemented the techniques he learned, significantly improving the quality of his company's products. Recognizing his exceptional contributions to the industry, the provincial government awarded him with grants, enabling him to further advance his impactful endeavors.

Monkshood Krishi Firm Pvt. Ltd.

Founded by Mr. Robin Rai in 2071 B.S., Monkshood Krishi Firm Private Limited is on a mission to modernize the cardamom industry in Nepal. With a deep-rooted passion for innovation and a vision to transform traditional practices, Robin has pioneered a groundbreaking solution that is poised to revolutionize the cardamom industry.

Reverse Vending Machine

During an assignment with the Nepalese Army Hospital, the founders of Reverse Vending Machine Nepal Private Limited noticed a significant issue in agricultural districts - the disposal of agricultural machinery due to a lack of spare parts, technical know-how, and technicians. Recognizing the untapped potential in the post-harvest agriculture market, the founders established the company in the year 2020 with a mission to work on three verticals, machines for post-harvesting, cold chain systems and logistics and training.